Apartment Amenities – The 10 Most Popular

10 Most Popular Apartment Amenities

As multifamily real estate becomes an increasingly better option for people from all walks of life, having state-of-the-art apartment amenities is more important than ever. It helps increase both resident satisfaction and retention, as well as make an apartment building more attractive to potential residents.

Wonder what’s in and what’s out when it comes to apartment amenities popularity? Wonder no more – here are the 10 most appealing apartment amenities for 2020 and beyond.

(1) In-Unit Laundry Machines is the #1 Apartment Amenities

In-unit dryers and washers are some of the most sought-after amenities in multifamily real estate. Making a long trip to the nearest laundry service is a thing of the past. Besides, residents want in-unity laundry to save time and take the hassle out of the whole process.

Win in-unit washer and dryer, residents can toss in dirty laundry, and kick back, relax, and maybe watch Netflix as they wait for the beep sound. It’s all that easy, which is why would-be renters can’t get enough such apartments. 

(2) Pet-Friendly Amenities – is the #2 Apartment Amenities

“Pets allowed” is a huge perk in and of itself, especially for dog owners. But there are several different pet-friendly apartment amenities landlords can offer their residents.

And For apartment owners…

Choosing the right pet-friendly amenities often boils down to the long-term ROI and the affordability. A private in-property park for dogs is not only cost-effective but will deliver significant returns in the long haul.

Offering a pet spa, on the other hand, might be a bit too expensive for low to medium value apartments. It may be the best fit for luxurious, high-end apartments. In either case, the dog-owner residents will appreciate having top-notch pet-friendly amenities in a multifamily real estate setting. 

(3) Central Heating/ Air Conditioning

“Central heating” and “air condition” are some of the top 10 most searched phrases by apartment seekers. They want to be sure that the atmosphere of their living spaces is conducive.

As you might in areas that see cold winters and sweltering summers, having a state of the art heating and cooling system for the apartment building is crucial. It doesn’t have to be central heating; it seems this type of air conditioning is preferred by apartment residents.

 (4) Assigned Parking

Having assigned parking is more attractive than most landlords think. Just imagine yourself coming home from a 10-hour shift only to circle the apartment building for 30 mins to 1 hour merely looking for a safe, available parking spot.

With assigned parking, the residents can rest easy knowing that their spot will be there for them at any time, day or night. The last thing multifamily real estate residents want is to argue with their fellow renters over parking spots.

(5) Furnished Apartments

In the bygone days, renters were interested in the empty shell of an apartment, allowing them to furnish and kit them out as they see fit. With rising unemployment rates and mobile jobs, things have changed dramatically.

In light of that, fully-furnished apartments are the in-thing right now. Residents want kitchens equipped with stainless steel appliances, complete cabinetry, and granite countertops. They want patio furniture, in-wall fridges, and other furnishings present.

(6) Balcony

Having a balcony is one of the most classic apartment amenities. It offers a timeless appeal, particularly in neighbourhoods with spectacular city vistas and scenic views.

Balconies offer a play to kick back and soak up the sun, catch up on your book reading, or even kick off a small garden. And given the small size, balconies need minimal maintenance.

(7) Garage Parking

Besides assigned parking, having a garage parking option is one of the best apartment amenities for discerning residents. While this choice doesn’t’ come with assigned spots, a parking garage provides renters with lots of spots to park. More importantly, it offers plenty of places for guests to park.

(8) More elaborate, Well-equipped Fitness Centres

Today’s apartment residents are looking for fitness centres with more than treadmills, weights, and workout machines. They want elaborate features and the whole shebang of equipment.

Instead of increasing the number of exercise machines, consider a full yoga studio complete with complimentary lessons for residents. Meditation spots are also all the rage when it comes apartment fitness and wellness.

For a more holistic fitness experience, apartment amenities like full basketball and tennis courts are gaining popularity. Some residents may also prefer complimentary fitness programs.

(9) Online Services

Internet and other new technologies like shared economy are disrupting everything, from ride-sharing to multifamily real estate. The same is true for apartment management.

In an era of instant-everything, do you really want to call the help desk to get a plumbing leak fixed or report a noise complaint? Residents want things done remotely, if not exclusively on their phones or online.

That’s why some of the most popular amenities are no longer tangible. For instance, residents may prefer to pay rent online instead of writing a physical cheque likes it’s the 1950s.

Being able to order maintenance, pay rent, get answers, and whatnot online is particularly appealing to younger residents.

(10) Co-Working Spaces

As the workplace continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, fixed workspaces and cubicles are going the way of the dodo. In their place, more and more apartment buildings are offering communal or co-working spaces for residents.

These co-working spaces are a god-sent for residents who prefer to work remotely. Some apartments have upped the ante by offering form workspaces with meeting rooms, full suite of conference technology, and silent areas.

There you go – 10 most popular apartment amenities at the moment. In addition, pet-friendly, swimming pools and high-speed internet connection of some of the most sought-after community amenities.

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