Investment Strategy

Niche Acquisition Strategy: We target B to C Buildings between 15-150 units.

Typically built between the 1960s- 2000. We specialize in Buildings that have value-add upside potential. Such as Management problem, lower rents, need some rehab or for some reason have lower occupancy.

Experienced Management Team: Not only do we oversee the asset management portion of each property. However, we also teamed out with local professional property Management Company that manages the day-to-day on-site operations at a high level. Our objective is to raise the occupancy of the property as well as the income.

 Strong Industry Fundamentals: Today’s economic climate is making it more difficult for people to acquire home loans. This has created a tremendous demand for multifamily housing. Our strong relationships with local banks and national lenders have allowed us to acquire properties using creative financing that is overlooked by the average investor.

Geographic Focus: Ownership of small to medium-size apartment complexes in blue-collar communities. We avoid lower Socio-economic areas – “War Zones”. Our strategy is to develop these multifamily complexes in the mid-south and southeast where taxes and regulations are not as burdensome as in other areas of the country.

Attractive Returns: We strive for cash-on-cash returns of 6% – 10% and cap rates of 7% – 10% depend on location. This high return rate coupled with the equity built over time makes our multifamily investing approach a sought-after option for any wealth building strategy.

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