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How to Build Your Dream Lifestyle Through Real Estate with Hadar Orkibi

Welcome back everybody to Cashflow 2 Freedom! This is your host AJ Osborne.

As you know, we love real estate here at Cashflow 2 Freedom. So many of us hear the stories of numerous successful real estate investors who have the freedom to live life on their own terms… and a lot of us want to be able to live the same life style. One such person living that lifestyle is our guest today Hadar Orkibi.

Hadar started his real estate investing journey as a wholesaler, then he went to flipping homes. Hadar used and leveraged these investment strategies to then get into the commercial and multifamily property markets. Which has worked well as markets continue to consolidate.

Hadar has a wealth of experience and he’s here today to share it all with us.



We talk about the importance of stress testing potential investments and his exact step by step process for stress testing investments to help ensure you’re getting the best possible deals that can perform both today and in the future. We talk about limiting and mitigating risk, how to identify a good market and what exact identifiers he looks for that tell him a market is good or bad. We touch on the importance of building the right momentum, team, and mindset that will help set you on the path to real estate investment success.

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