Episode 134 – Reach Your Goals and Become Financially Free Through Multifamily Mastermind Groups with Hadar Orkibi

With nearly 2 decades of full-time Real Estate experience, Hadar specializes in long-distance, out of area and out of the country investing, and is an asset manager with MFIHolding.com 

Hadar’s portfolios include Multi-Family apartments, and Commercial Real Estate in NZ and the United States, which allows him to exit the rat race with passive income and live a lifestyle by design with his family.  

Over the years Hadar implemented different strategies which include wholesaling, house flipping, subdivision, new construction, commercial real estate, joint ventures, and multifamily investing. 

Hadar enjoys helping both seasoned and beginner real estate investors reach their wealth, income, and portfolio goals through multifamily real estate. Hadar is a co-facilitator and coach with the USA Multi-Family Investing Mastermind group: MIHMastermind.com