Episode 21: Buying a triplex with effectively $1,000 out of pocket Case Study with Hadar Orkibi

Today on the show we have our first return guest Hadar Orkibi who is a real estate investor who currently lives and invest in New Zealand but he is also active here in the United States… To hear Hadar’s story I would invite you to listen to Episode 17 where we hear how he was able to go from working at a vineyard to living off his passive income from his real estate. In fact he just got back from a 3 week vacation from Hawaii, doesn’t sound too bad. This week we will go over a case study of how he was able to purchase a triplex that produced roughly 600 a month in passive income with effectively $1000 down. Let’s bring him in. Also check out his Bigger Pockets article on the triplex as well as his website which can be seen below! https://www.biggerpockets.com/blogs/10927/74727-refinancing-multifamily-with-brrrr