Building an Empire from Abroad

Welcome to the latest episode of the Small Axe Podcast! Join Nico Salgado as he dives into an exhilarating conversation with real estate powerhouse Hadar Orkibi. With an impressive 20-year real estate background, Hadar’s journey began in Israel as a licensed agent before venturing to New Zealand. Tune in as he unveils his commitment to crafting generational wealth and the influential role of the MIH (Make It Happen) Mastermind community. Witness how Hadar’s choice of Arkansas sizzles with affordability and cash flow potential while he skilfully sidesteps markets like Memphis, all in pursuit of building an electrifying future.

  • Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:
  • Navigating Market Cycles
  • Multifamily Investments Legacy: Extroversion, Financial Acumen, and Generosity
  • Strategic Investments and Partnerships
  • Approach to Thriving in Real Estate
  • Becoming a Market Expert
  • Advice for Seizing Real Estate Opportunities
  • And so much more!