No Fear All Fortune with Hadar Orkibi I Wealth by Choice

They started trading properties as a wholesaler and built a portfolio of small multifamily units and commercial real estate. As the New Zealand market became less favorable for cash flow, Hadar set his sights on the United States. With his mother being an American citizen, he had the advantage of easy travel and access to financing.

After thorough market research and exploring different cities, Hadar began investing in the United States, starting with smaller properties. He honed his skills in wholesaling and joined a coaching program to gain knowledge and confidence. Their first major deal, a 45-unit apartment community, proved to be a turning point in Hadar’s career.

Since then, he has experienced significant positive growth and is actively expanding their real estate portfolio. Tune in to hear more about Hadar Orkibi’s journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.