REIA 82 Hadar Orkibi: What You Need to Know When Starting Out as a Passive Investor in Multifamily Apartments

Hadar Orkibi has two decades of full-time Real Estate experience under his belt, Hadar specializes in long-distance, out-of-area, and out of the country investing.

Main Points:

  • What is Passive Investing?
  • Why Multifamily Apts?
  • How Can I ensure I am making a good investment?
  • What is the team’s experience
  • How are the deals evaluated
  • What is the target market
  • Are you a specialist in the chosen market
  • How will the cash flow be managed
  • How is communication handled with investors
  • How is each deal stress tested
  • What is the business plan  – cash flow? Value add? Rate of return? Distribution?
  • Who is involved in the transaction
  • Who will manage the property

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